Thursday, January 7, 2010

What You Said

You asked, will you love?

and to love is all you can do

because we are young, going

no where tangible


everywhere within ourselves.

Where will we go next?

We can be legendary.

Let’s forgo our acquiescence.

Let’s resist the dive into the deepest chasm and fill our lungs

with the unknown.

We will exhale no sorrow for never knowing the mundane.

Because life is everything but clairvoyant.

I hope you understand.

I understand.

But where are you?

Without the disease in our dreams

we will forge our pity

and our hope

into heaven. Together.

We can explode from seclusion

and feast our dormant embryonic hands

in all their pride.

We can run from this. To our living chimera.

The soul of a lost man doesn’t beckon, you said

if he instead accepts what is

nature as truth.

And truth is knowing what is right

to be rightful and beautiful.

And what is truly Beautiful?

The line between

Light and Dark.

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