Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Self-Indulgent Statements

I am nothing like {

        when adrenaline gives the shakes;

        a prophet; a lord; a savior like the one who rode his glory-
            ous raptor through cities—clearly am not—definitely not;

        my father;

        bees if their sacks of pollen throw
            tears like storms and violins;

        the creatine-cretins who fill their lives with tossing testicles;

        everything I will, one day, be {

                the one to cut off his hands
                    (to give a stranger
                    twice a day);

                a son who always calls, despite his own dreams;

                the one with the truth
                    (about everything and happiness);

                the one who will never stop-

        a ruined life;


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